January 6, 2021

Edmonton Portraits – Celebrating Culture & Ugandan Roots

One of my favourite parts about being a photographer and taking Edmonton portraits, is getting the opportunity to capture people with the things that are important to them. These “things” could truly be anything: their pets, something representing a hobby they love, items from their job, their first car or first home, or a piece of clothing that is significant. It could be a literal thing or a representative one – but the important piece is that it is something that means something to you.


Because those things are the things that make you, you. The things that make you unique, the things that fill you with passion, the things that you are known for and will be remembered for, the things that have made you who you are today.

And the things that created a creature as magnificent as you are so worth celebrating.

These photos were taken as a part of my series “Kulturelle” (the German word for cultural – representing my German heritage). This series looks to juxtapose modern Edmonton portraits with traditional wear, highlight the multicultural fabric of Canadian society, and bring together where you are now and where you come from – because both are such important parts of who you are. And it is SO dang beautiful and special to witness, capture, and provide.

In these photos, Faith is wearing a necklace reads ‘kukiriza’ which in Lugandan means faith. Her dress – bold in pattern and colour – is traditional of Ugandan fashion and print, and creates the perfect contrast acting as the perfect balance to Canada’s neutral winter pallet. 

These sessions are honestly one of my favourites to capture because they remind me of so many of our parents and grandparents, who felt we had to lose our old culture in order to be a part of a new one. There is a beautiful act of reclamation happening in this generation that I know they would be so proud of.