January 7, 2021

Edmonton Family Photos – Golden Skyline

While capturing any Edmonton family photos is oh-so-much-fun, photographing a family you’ve known since childhood is probably the most special.

Because I was in the Edmonton Public German Bilingual System (which funnels children through a limited number of schools), the classmates I had in elementary school almost all graduated high school with me as well. This means I had the sort of small-town school experience that so many people have getting to see so many of their childhood friends grow up, right in the middle of a big city. Kyrsten, the eldest child of this family, and I were in the same grade at the same school our entire lives – with their baby sibling being a few years under us. And as such, I have known all four members of this gorgeous family since I was just a little kid.

This session was a gift to the parents from the kids, and the location chosen because it is the perfect place to represent living in and growing up in Edmonton. The family also requested some beautiful fall colours (which this location absolutely has), and required that the location be wheelchair accessible (and it is! with a super nearby parking lot, a ramp leading up to the sidewalk, and super flat land out to the lookout).

If you are looking to get any Edmonton family photos, couples photos, or individual photos done – accessibility is absolutely something to bring up with your photographer! And as a reminder to photographers, accessibility isn’t a cut and dry thing and disabilities aren’t always visible. Make sure to chat with all clients about the distances they are able to walk, if they are able to sit down and stand up again, and anything physical limitations they might have. These will impact both location options AND posing options.

Psssst… If you have any interest in checking out some amazing artwork, Kyrsten is incredible!  Click here to be sent to her Instagram.