January 7, 2021

YEG Model Headshots – Sand Pit Photography

While I specialise most in couples and elopement photography, I also have a huge passion for all things individual portraits. There is something so incredibly special about getting to capture someone just as they are – not defined by any one relationship or event. Just celebrating them being themselves. And with individual portraits, that includes having a love for providing YEG model headshots.

This beautiful session (at the weirdest Edmonton location that I know of Рif we shoot here you will think you are very lost pulling up) is of the gorgeous Marinah (click her name and check her out on Instagram! she is so dang stunning) who moved to Edmonton from Madagascar. She is such a natural model, being at constant ease in front of the lens. I could only dream of being as photogenic as she is, and will forever be that person who need to take a few hundred photos before I really love one.

If any of you are looking to get YEG model headshots done, or are in the midst of building your portfolios – here are two things to definitely keep in mind.

  1. SAFETY. So many models are young women, and I have heard of far too many instances of sexual assault and harassment happening in situations involving model calls (in particular) boudoir photography. Photography sessions often involve meeting a stranger in a not-so-busy location, so you should absolutely do your due diligence to keep yourself safe. Ask your local model/photographer groups for any experiences they’ve had with this photographer, ask to bring along a buddy (if they say no – that’s a red flag in my book), ask to FaceTime in advance, share your location with a family member… there are lots of options! Please consider them.
  2. Have a clear understanding of what you are receiving from the session, and what you will be able to do with those images. Most standard photography session contracts only include personal rights, and if you are working with an agency, they may be interested in putting them up on their websites and social media platforms. And so you’ll want to verify that your photographer is okay with that! And may need a separate release signed.