January 9, 2021

Downtown YEG: A Rainy Day Couples Session

Looking for some great viewpoints of downtown YEG to get photos at? There are so many options to choose from! Here are a few of my favourites…

  1. McNally High School Overlook – that’s where these photos were taken. Located in the neighbourhood of Forest Heights this location provides a huge field, some treed areas, multiple angles of river-view, and a kick ass view of the downtown skyline. I’ve taken disabled clients here as well, and as long as you can wheel through a little short grass, it’s super accessible! It’s such a favourite for me. The con, however, is that it can get pretty busy.
  2. Down by the Walterdale Bridge – this construction Edmonton landmark is GORGEOUS. If you are looking for a session location that gives you urban options, skyline views, and gets you right down on the river… this is absolutely the perfect spot for you. It can be a great place to produce a diverse gallery.
  3. The Muttart Conservatory – did you know you have a perfect unobstructed view of downtown YEG from here? Including the iconic Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. The Muttart is super beautiful as a photo location (I have shot there multiple times) with the added bonus of the skyline behind it. A con for this location is that there are no river views.
  4. The 100 Street Funicular – while I haven’t photographed a session down here yet, it is absolutely on the bucket list! You can’t get river and skyline views in the same shot, but can get them both from this location (the downtown skyline will be real up close though – so it’s more about buildings in the background than the entire skyline). I think this location would be great for some individual, edgy portraits.
  5. The High Level Bridge – this location has access down a set of stairs to some graffiti and treed areas, while also having the option of photos being taken on the bridge and overlooking the Alberta Legislature + skyline from an angle. This would be a super cool location for an edgy engagement session. There is also a viewpoint not to far down Saskatchewan Drive that overlooks the Walterdale Bridge + downtown YEG more straight on!