January 10, 2021

Intimate Alberta Wedding – Pros to Doing a Local Elopement

Nowadays, when people think about ‘elopements’ the expectation is almost always that you are going to do it somewhere exotic. Whether flying to somewhere tropical like Costa Rica, or driving to the mountains (like Banff) – travel has almost become intertwined with the modern definition of eloping. But doesn’t mean that you have if it isn’t for you, like this couple who had an intimate Alberta wedding just the two of them.

There are so many pros to doing a small local elopement… these are just a few of them.

• They are way cheaper. If budget is a concern of yours, an intimate elopement is absolutely the way to go. And in not travelling, you cut the costs associated with flights and hotels (which add up so quick!).

• You can make them super personalised, and reminiscent of your lives together. Consider eloping at the spot you had your first date, consider eating at the place you always go for your anniversary, take photos with your pets and get ready together at home in the morning. This will make your day even more intimate and sweet, which is so dang special.

• There will be far less stress. In not having to travel, host people, coordinate with vendors abroad, and stick to an exact schedule – the day truly becomes all about you and your love. I especially recommend this if you would describe yourself as being super introverted or a really anxious person.

• It is great for neurodivergent and disabled people. Travel – with changes in time-zone, diet and routine – can be super triggering for lots of people and the symptoms of their diagnoses. In choosing to stay close to home, you can construct a day that will allow you to mange your symptoms and reduce triggers.

• You can skip the family drama. For lots of people, weddings can bring up a lot of family dynamics that would rather be avoided. This could be due to everyone being in the same place, the consumption of alcohol, or unsupportive family members of the marriage (this is very common in the LGBTQ+ community, for inter-faith marriages, etc.). And you know what? Sometimes it’s just nicer to skip it altogether.

• It’s more eco-friendly! Big weddings produce an incredible amount of waste, and exotic elopements come with a large carbon footprint associated with travelling. Staying home and staying small helps you stay green.

• It saves time! If you are super busy, or operating on a schedule (ex. getting married before a deployment, before a surgery, etc.) – having a small local wedding might be logistically a lot easier to arrange.

If any of the above seem like big stressors to you, maybe an intimate Alberta wedding (or wherever you are from!) is the way to go for you.