February 27, 2021

Equestrian Photography Session

Please do a session with your pets. Please oh please do a pet or equestrian photography session.

Whether it’s including them in a different session (family, engagement, elopement) or booking a session specifically to document your relationship with them – I have to scream at you to DO IT.

Lots of people consider bringing a dog along with them to a photography session, but it shouldn’t be limited to just your dogs. Bring me snakes, bring me horses, bring me hedgehogs and iguanas and all of your beautiful animal babies. They are such incredible and important and dominant parts of our lives – and we should remember and capture them like they are.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think about photos of themselves WITH their pets (and not just photos of your pet) until it’s too late. And while I think End of Life sessions for pets are a beautiful thing, I would also hope you have photos of them throughout their lifetime. When they’re small, when they’re healthy, when they’re adventuring – in all the states that you will remember them being.

Plus did you know that I used to work as a zookeeper and sanctuary worker? I LIVE for animals. 

This equestrian photography session took place between Tucker and Rachel. Tucker was eighteen years old at the time these were taken, and Rachel has had him since he she was a teenager when she rescued him from going to auction (much to her parents chagrin). Since then, she has built a social media presence around him – sharing her love for him with thousands of people.

They are such a beautiful and dynamic duo – and it was such an incredible pleasure to capture the two of them (even when Tucker ran away). They are so very lucky to have one another.