May 16, 2021

Edmonton Wedding: Belgravia Off-leash Dog Park

This was my first Edmonton wedding of the 2021 season and can I just say… it was the sweetest thing.

After years of dating, a multi-year engagement, and all the struggles of being a COVID wedding couple – these two beautiful humans got married on a Saturday at an urban Edmonton off-leash dog park. Not only was it quiet and lusciously green, but it came with the added bonus of a whole bunch of random puppy snuggles (all being dog lovers – the couple and I all basked in the love that the random dogs provided us) and panicky owners hoping not to disturb the bride and groom (they could never be disturbed). 

Belgravia is one of Edmonton’s smallest off-leash parks – nestled between a sprawling urban neighbourhood and our winding river valley. Would you ever guess these photos were taken right near a road and the middle of the city?

From there, we wandered down the road to the ‘End of the World’. What used to be the ruins of an old road, but has now been developed into a viewing platform, the End of the World is a gorgeous viewpoint from which to view the river. It was from there, however, that we discovered (with the help of the sweetest group of helpful teenagers) a neighbouring viewpoint unobstructed by fences that was absolutely PERFECT for a few couple portraits.

To me, this wedding just goes to show you that the most beautiful of pictures and weddings can happen anywhere you want them to. You don’t need to go somewhere super adventurous, or have an over-the-top extravagant day – you can go somewhere that simply fits the vibe that you and your partner give off with the few people who love you most.

Please bring on all the dog park weddings, or at the very least, bring all the dogs to your wedding venue.