August 11, 2021

Muttart Conservatory Bridal Photos

When planning out wedding photos, everyone at least considers having an engagement session and having a photographer with them on the big day, but have you considered wedding portraits taken on a different day entirely? Whether that is the a day after the wedding, on your honeymoon in an exotic location, or wherever you dream of. That is exactly what these two brides chose to do with their bridal session at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton – as a way to get some extra photos of the two of them.

Some of you might be thinking… why do people do this? And there are so many reasons!

  1. Scheduling. Planning out the timeline of a wedding day can be really complicated, especially when you are trying to fit in a large block of time to do photos. For a lot of people, who have guests coming from all over the country, they would rather prioritise the time on the big day to spend with their loved ones – rather than spending it taking all the photos. For others, the timeline becomes complicated because they want a sunset wedding ceremony and don’t want to do a first look / do photos before the ceremony. So doing wedding portraits on another day is a great way to work around those scheduling conflicts and be in no rush!
  2. Location! Having the photos taken on a different day gives you the ability to go wherever you want to have them done. Many couples choose to have their weddings in locations that are central to their guests, but may not be the most adventurous or scenic, or what you were personally wanting. Consider driving to the mountains, visiting the ocean, frolicking a giant field of wildflowers, going up in a hot air balloon… the sky is the truly the limit.
  3. Weather or Lighting. Sometimes the weather or the lighting just doesn’t cooperate on the big day, and so doing photos again on another can be a way to make up for the lack of natural cooperation.
  4. Simply just wanting more photos. I would be the person to do wedding photos on a second day (as well as the ones of the big day) because I simply want to have a WHOLE bunch of pictures of my partner and I.

These two gorgeous brides had the most beautiful sunset on their Muttart Conservatory bridals day. It was relaxed and silly and oh-so-much fun, and truly a perfect addition to their engagement-wedding period.