September 9, 2021

Devon Couples Session with a 4-Legged Friend

This Devon couples session reminded me of a love like in the movies.

This set feels like a film to me, but not some over-the-top rom com in the way the above statement might make you think. My heart rather envisions them as the centre of an indie love film. In a world filled with soft colours, tender moments, and a gentle pace. 

A love built on hard work, long nights, and even longer days. A romance formed from a series of choices, not started by a simple meet-cute. A world centered around the simplest of locations and those places we call home, rather than a Paris-New York-LA sort of story. 

Fairy-tales and chick flicks have built a certain kind of narrative we associate with love – lacing our ideals with grand gestures, over-the-top moments, and rapid advancements. And at the same time, neglecting the very moments that might make life so dang beautiful. The in-betweens, the stolen glances, the mundane that to you is the most. 

Theirs is a love that is beautiful and sweet, belonging in a movie of their own design. A love that where no matter the circumstance you can say for certain ‘I am yours and you are mine’.

So many of my favourite sessions are ones like this Devon couples session – under bridges, in weird little places, out of the norm. Not anything over the top, no place that is out of our regular world. Regular clothing, our person and our pup at our side.

When people ask me what to wear for their sessions – the question I have to ask in return is what vibe are you looking to portray? Are you looking for something unique, relaxed, contradictory, carefree, designed? Do you want anything special? Are you willing to get dirty or messed up?

This session, like your love, is of your own design.