September 19, 2021

Telus World of Science Wedding – Under the Moon

Before I get on to my wedding opinion of the day, please check out these photos from a Telus World of Science Wedding. If you are at all into space or the stars, this is absolutely the wedding space for you.

But here we go… My potentially unpopular opinions on… Wedding Parties.

✨ I don’t understand why they are still typically gendered.

Aside from the visual aesthetic of having all suits on one side and all dresses on the other – which I can understand to a certain extent as a photographer – the concept of needing them to be gendered is a little wild to me. All of my closest relatives are men, so why wouldn’t they stand up with me? The idea also neglects how common intergender friendships now are, and places those outside the gender binary in an uncomfortable position (I’ve been told many get ‘defaulted’ to the side aligned with their sex assigned at birth – which is incredibly problematic and disphoric).

✨ Wedding party outfits + HMU absolutely don’t need to match.

For so many wedding parties, the same look will absolutely not look best on everyone and with differing bodies come different needs. When advocating for your friends and family, consider these things if applicable…

• Is the HMUA artist experienced working on monolids, different textures of hair, etc.?
• Will all members of your wedding party feel comfortable wearing ‘X’?
• Does the dress/suit maker have inclusive sizing?

✨ There is no need for the sides to be equal.

Whether you want one bridesmaid, or seven… have the people you love at your side. No matter if they match, no matter other’s opinions – this is about celebrating your love with your loves. I heard a bridesmaid ask once if anyone else worried they had been added just to *equalize* the sides, and my social anxiety ridden self will think about that forever now.

✨ And lastly… you don’t even need to have an official one.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have your favourite humans get ready with you in the morning, or take photos with you after you ceremony – but you can consider having them there in a low pressure capacity. No assigned tasks, no expectations, less stress.


All I’m really saying is do things because you want to do them, and because you love these people, not because tradition says you should. This is YOUR big day.

Photos taken while second shooting for the beautiful and lovely Lindsay Fontaine at this Telus World of Science wedding.