October 6, 2021

Edmonton Off-Leash Park Engagement Session

Have you ever consider doing your engagement session (or any photography session for that matter) at an Edmonton Off-Leash Park? They are perfect locations for so many reasons. Edmonton off-leash parks have so much natural space, are often huge, and provide so much privacy (which is amazing for not having people wandering around in the background of your photos). They also have the incredible added benefit of being a great location to have your dog in some photos, and to get to visit so many random pups too!

When I met up with this gorgeous couple (and their most dapper Corgi boy rocking his bow-tie at an Edmonton off-leash park) we talked a little bit about how Corgis are one of those breeds that tend to get a lot of attention from people out in public, and that attention often comes with a few particular associations. Then then also noted that they will make assumptions about your age based on what you bring up when interacting with their pup.

Can you guess what the most common associations people have are?

The two big categories of Corgi-prompted conversation are… the QUEEN 👑 and Brooklyn 99 🚓. 

And according to them the older crowd is those that are loyal to the crown, where millenials and Gen-Zers are big fans of Cheddar. I can’t help feeling like I am a little bit out of place with my group – because Corgis will always remind me of the Queen (with Cheddar being reduced to a hilarious and lovely second thought).

Then we also have those like my partner too who have a bit more of a niche association with Ein (the Corgi from Cowboy Bebop). 

What do you think of when you see a Corgi? Is it one of the above… or something completely different?