November 16, 2021

Edmonton Elopement Overlooking the River Valley

This intimate Edmonton elopement ceremony took place at the exact same site as their first date.

That’s right – the first place they ever went just the two of them, to see if they even liked each other, is the place they decided to choose each other for forever. That first day they got fast food, they sat and looked over the river valley and our downtown skyline, and they talked… and they knew. 

Not that they knew right that second that their relationship would be quite-so-magical, and not that they knew that later they would be joined at that specific location by a small collection of their most beloved – but they did know faster than most that the other was the one, or at least that they were pretty freaking special. So much so that only months after that first day they would they have a day so uniquely them and uniquely sweet to bind them together in marriage. 

This day consisted of a family + friends paintball game (designed as a winning-team-decides the last name of the couple – isn’t that the most unique way to choose a last name that you’ve ever heard?), tarts from Pablos which they discovered one day on Whyte a few months before, one sweet little fluffy white dog who will now call both of them dad, and oh so so much love. One of their father’s smudged with sage, a friend officiated, a few random onlookers peeped in too. Only a couple people fell down (including me, haha) getting up and down from the overlook spot.

It was super simple, pulled together by those that loved them, and absolutely perfect.

I love love.

I love this job.

How else would I have gotten to witness an Edmonton elopement as beautiful as this? Our city and world and love is just the best.