March 2, 2022

California Couples Photography: Surfing San Francisco

Y’all – please send me all the opportunities for California couples photography. This session was so life-giving, and I love it so dang much.

Speaking of which… did you all know I’m a California girl? 

Well, part-time at least.

For a few months every year I get to call Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay Area home. It’s where my partner was born and raised, and is home to so many family and friends, and so I can’t imagine my life will ever take me away from California for too long ever again

And while my partner and I have been together for five years, this session is the first one I’ve done here that really felt like “California session”. While I’ve gotten to shoot in the magical and incredible redwoods many times (and those are definitely “NorCal” vibes all the way), when most people think of California they’ll likely think of beach, sun, and surfing. And that was ALL this session was about.

It was the most gorgeous weather San Francisco day, all of the beach goers were insanely kind (if the photographer who came up to talk to us ever sees this – please reach out! you were so dang kind), we only saw one man get taken out by a wave (don’t turn your back on the ocean without a spotter friends!), and these two just have a love & chemistry that couldn’t be beat. 

San Francisco definitely has my heart. And a dark sand beach day with minimal wind, soft waves, and such gorgeous light? I’m just swooning.

Please send me all the opportunities to photograph people in the North Bay Area. By the Golden Gate Bridge, in the Marin Headlands, all through redwoods, EVERYWHERE and absolutely anywhere. I am just obsessed with all things California couples photography.