November 10, 2021

End of Life Session: Jaxson the Dog

End of Life sessions are the most heart-breaking kind of sessions that I do – they always involve tears on the drive home and while editing – but they are also the most rewarding and special to me. No matter who they are for, no matter the species or family… they matter to me because they mattered to them. This is one of those stories.

His name was Jaxson. 

11 years old. A Great Dane-Lab-Shepherd Mix. Described as strangely human for a dog. A big fan of other pups, his favourite toy, and running in the field. A mama’s boy. 

Being a photographer, in large part, is focused around happy moments. We get to celebrate love and families and babies and weddings. We get to see people on the best days of their lives, and be a part of such beautifully intimate moments. So much of what we capture is about beginnings – the early days of families, the start to marriages, the spark of love. 

But this one was different. This session was about his last day, it was about the end. 

And yet… it was still a celebration. In recognition of a lifetime of happy moments, of the kind of love only the best dog can give, of a family that was completed by him being in it. Only sad because there is so much love, only hurting because he mattered so much. 

It was such a pleasure to meet you sweet boy, you have reminded me why end-of-life sessions are so important and how they can be so beautiful. Take care of my Jasper girl for me.

If you are looking to do an End of Life Session – please send me a note and I would love to chat about your sweet little loved one. These sessions come at a discounted rate to my normal portrait sessions, because they are just something I am so passionate about.