November 8, 2023

Couples Photos During Blue Hour + After Dark

You don’t have to take photos during golden hour. In fact, couples photos during blue hour and after dark are often some of my absolute favourite.

Shock, gasp, wild I know. Even I, someone who will largely push most couples to shoot during golden hour, need that reminder sometimes. 

I think that much of the time, for most people, golden hour is the way to go. For those soft lit, frolicking in a field sort of photos; to replicate the feel of a lot of the ones you see on Pinterest or people’s Save the Date cards. 

But… if you have a specific vibe or theme in mind for your photos? Playing with light (whether it’s super direct mid-day light or using ambient lighting after dark) creates SUCH a mood. I will forever be screaming from the rooftops how good of an idea it is to come up with a moodboard, and to figure out the vibe you are looking to create. 

It helps create magic ✨✨✨