May 11, 2021

San Francisco Couples Photos at the Sutro Baths

I heard someone say recently that they don’t consider San Francisco to be a romantic city. And while I understand that it can be a little grimy, a little windy, and parking there is the absolute worst… I just can’t help feel that that is so far from the truth. Sure, Paris is known as the ‘city of love’, but to me, San Francisco is the home for it. Which makes me oh-so-in-love with San Francisco couples photos.

Through all of its history, so beautifully embodied by the Castro District, San Francisco has been home to those that didn’t feel their love was accepted. San Francisco became home to lovers, queer hearts, gender bent bodies, dreamers, and profound believers. It’s a city of found family, incredible friendships, and so-much-pride. It became home to people from all over the world that faced an intense amount of bigotry. Together they forged a community and a home and a world that accepted them – tucked within the Bay.

To me, that makes it a city of love.

And also… for those like me who care a lot about a romantic aesthetic too, San Francisco has SO many romantic and beautiful locations that make for the most magical engagement, elopement, and couples session locations. From all the overlooks by the Golden Gate Bridge and the Twin Peaks region, to the nearby Muir Woods and all the ocean beaches.

And then… we have the Sutro Baths (please scroll down and just look at it and tell me it isn’t romantic).

The Sutro Baths have this raw beauty that only comes with destruction and ruin. It traps you between SF and the ocean, giving you the perfect sunset view, and provides an incredible opportunity to play during blue hour.

For this queer couple all of this is encapsulated in them, which made the Sutro Baths the perfect place to do San Francisco couples photos. How San Francisco still beckons those from afar to find their home and feel love, and how there is beauty in brokenness. It is so dang romantic with lovers under the stars.