May 30, 2023

Edmonton Couples Photos – Cinematic Styled Session

There is nothing more special to me than photographing love – and I have a special attachment to photographing it in my hometown. It feels sort of like a love letter to my city at the same time. These Edmonton couples photos were so romantic and intimate and moody. They embody that cinematic style I dream of creating.

This session to me was also such a reminder of the importance of what I’ll call “micro-movements”. If you want to get better at being photographed? Micro-movements. If you want a more diverse gallery of images? Micro-movements. 

This couple is AMAZING at them. 

Micro-movements being moving your head slightly every few seconds. Micro-movements being changing the way you’re resting on your arm. Micro-movements being the way you are angled every few clicks of the shutter. 

Once you are positioned in a certain way, or given a certain prompt / task – try moving yourself in a bunch of different ways. Step closer to your partner, step slightly further back. Peak back over your shoulder, spin slightly, play with your hair, tilt your face, change your smile from full to soft. 

This takes one pose from being one image to being dozens. It gives so many more angles, so many different options. It helps create that cinematic feel. It helps you make so much more of your time.

Micro-movements are magic.