September 16, 2021

Queer Edmonton Elopement at Imagine Van Gogh

This styled queer Edmonton elopement / couples session gave us the opportunity to visit the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit on media day – aka the day that has the fewest visitors. And let me tell you… the lighting was wild and difficult and still magic. How could any art filled with Van Gogh not be?

Vincent Van Gogh has always been one of my favourite artists. His work is bold and expressive, which is something I aim to be. Who he was as an individual has also makes me think – his life being a complicated and heartbreaking one.

If there is any lesson I think I take from the life of Vincent Van Gogh – it is that. A lack of validation doesn’t equate a lack of excellence. That you don’t need anyone – a partner, a parent, an audience, a social media platform, ANYONE – to tell you how wonderful and talented and truly excellent you are. That you can live an entire life that is excellent, even if no one tells you that you are. 

Van Gogh died long before he ever rose to fame. He could never imagine how many people would be so in love with his masterpieces, how many galleries would fight to house them, how many reiterations of his work would be produced. But that didn’t stop him from creating excellence – he simply did. There is something heartbreaking in that, because we all deserve love and support, but it is something important to recognize still.

Don’t let Instagram or an algorithm or a number of likes determine your worth. 

Don’t let a lack of words from a loved one stop you from following your dreams.

Don’t let even your own inner voice sabatoge the path you are meant to be on.

You are excellent. ✨ So let yourself be excellent. ✨

Any other LGBTQ+ couples looking to get married? Bring me all the queer Edmonton elopement days, please and thank you.