January 2, 2023

Chinese Bridal Session – Government House Wedding Photos

This Government House wedding shoot wasn’t a part of their wedding at all, but instead took place on a completely different day. Why – you might ask?

Because wedding days are BUSY.

Trying to fit in every photo you want (especially if your day involves an outfit change like these two’s did) can make the day feel like a bit of a whirlwind. And you want to enjoy your day, so packing it too full is not what I would advise any couple do.

But what if you just don’t decide between having a slow day and having a million photos? ✨ What if, instead, you do a little bit of both?

I know couples that have done it in both orders. Like these two, who got married and had their busy day, with the “bridals” being taken later. Or others who have their photos taken first, the larger gathering of family and friends being later.

How you celebrate your marriage is entirely up to you. Forget tradition, push away expectation, shun peer pressure – listen to only you and your partner’s voices, dreams, and desires. Make it exactly what you want it to be.