May 16, 2023

Wheelchair Couples Photography

This session was one of learning for me. Every shoot I do requires me to tailor myself and my process to the couple I’m working with. But a session involving wheelchair couples photography was one I had never done before – and so required a lot more consideration in advance than a session might typically require.

These two described their love as a quintessential modern day romance – aka they met on Bumble. It seems like, of the couples I work with, a pretty high percentage of meet online – and for whatever reason, despite how common it is (so many of my friends met their spouses online.. and the fact that my partner and I met online too), my brain still initially registers it as rare. It seems like everyone I know either met their partner through the internet or some sort of forced proximity (in school, at work…), and so few happened upon each other just out in the world at a bar or cafe. 

How did you and your partner meet? What’s the wildest how-they-met story that you know?