February 27, 2021

Ocean Adventure Elopement

Are any of you split between having a traditional wedding and an adventure elopement?

One moment you want to have everyone you know surrounding you and showering you with love, and the next you envision yourself standing on an ocean cliffside for an adventure elopement with only your one and only (+ me clicking away on the other side of the lens of course).

I know so many people getting married who are stuck in this place of indecision. Maybe you want one thing, and your partner wants another – maybe you feel guilty because your family expects the big wedding – or maybe you truly just want both (that’s me!).

But what if I told you… you don’t need to decide. What if, instead, you do a little bit of both?

The COVID pandemic led to a lot of chaos in the wedding industry, with lots of people having to cancel weddings because of the coronavirus. One thing is created though, was a space in which couples felt they could do both and chose to have an intimate ceremony during lockdown, while planning to have a big wedding party later. Who says we have to give that up post-pandemic? De-stigmatizing having two weddings would be so beneficial for so many groups – with couples who have to get married earlier than anticipated due to visas, insurance, or family purposes coming to mind right away.

I know couples that have done it in both orders. Like these two, who got married and had their beautiful ocean adventure elopement, with the larger gathering of family and friends being later on the east coast. Or others who have their traditional wedding first, with an adventure session planned for a later date (on your honeymoon maybe?!).

How you celebrate your marriage is entirely up to you. Forget tradition, push away expectation, shun peer pressure – listen to only you and your partner’s voices, dreams, and desires. Choosing what is the best for you may mean not choosing at all.