November 30, 2023

Intimate Cliffside Wedding

This intimate cliffside wedding involved only the bride and groom and their immediate families. The ceremony was officiated by the bride’s brother, and each of their parents walked them down the “aisle” (aka the path on the hill).

This day served as a reminder to me of how important it is to choose the people you have at your wedding carefully. To surround yourself with only incredible love. So that you can really spend time with each of those people.

The “getting ready” portion of the day is one of the most interesting to me, and makes the importance of this choice so obvious. It’s a part of the day filled with so much anticipation, so many nerves, so much emotion. But that emotion can go a lot of ways, and a lot of that (from my perspective) is based on who you have around you. 

Who in your life helps ground you? Are there people in your life that stress you out sometimes? Who will be a helpful person, a grounding person, a peaceful presence? 

Try and ask yourself these types of questions when choosing who you are going to invite to be there with you. This part of the day sets the tone for the rest, and having the day start off on the right foot is so important. 

This gorgeous duo didn’t have a wedding party, so limited their getting ready people were limited to a few close family members – all of whom were so kind, so sweet, so loving. The bride then took the time to FaceTime a few of her close friends who were across the country and could hype her up. The groom arranged for their friends back home to write a bunch of letters for her to read throughout the morning while getting ready (how insanely sweet is that?). 

Each of these interactions filled the day with such joy and love and celebration. It was just perfect.