August 31, 2023

British Columbia Wedding

This British Columbia Wedding was the perfect example of the beauty of taking your time and having a chill schedule throughout your day. That being starting getting ready a little bit earlier so that you aren’t rushing by the time the ceremony arrives.

Give yourself time to breathe. Let yourself relax. And also have time to do some creative portraits that would otherwise be missed in the hustle.

In having the extra time, the bride ended up being done early and got dressed first. Before some of her bridesmaids were even done getting their hair and makeup done, she decided to put on her dress. 


When I saw how early she was done I told her she had two options: she could chill and relax until the bridesmaids were done, or – if she got dressed early – we could wander around the property and do a bunch of bridal portraits. 

And she chose BRIDAL PORTRAITS. 

This gave us more time to take pictures of her than I have ever had at a wedding. With the no-pressure time to wander, we could wait for clouds to move, capture shadows, and find to find unique pockets of light. We ended up being even so ahead-of-schedule that we could even take bridesmaids photos before moving locations. 

If you can spare it, schedule in extra time where you can. The space to breathe is the fuel of creativity.