August 16, 2021

Flin Flon Photographer – Bakers Narrows Couples Session

Did you all know that I spend a month or so each summer in northern Manitoba? So while I am most definitely an Edmonton-based creative, I love being a Flin Flon photographer too.

And with that… an unsurprising but still potentially controversial Canadian opinion alert – Manitoba is insanely underrated.

It has the gorgeous rocky Canadian-shield lakes like Ontario, amazing wildlife opportunities like British Columbia, such a high chance to witness the northern lights (it is listed as the 3rd best place to see northern lights in the world), incredible Indigenous artists, a surprising arts and culture scene (the longest running ballet company in North America and the first national museum to be built outside the Ottawa area, to name two examples)…

And then there’s Churchill. It is both the polar bear capital of the world and amazing to visit in the winter, while also being incredible in the summer because it is home to 25,000 beluga whales who come to birth in the mouth of the river. 

If you’re looking for a creepy-yet-amazing reason to love Manitoba though… it is also home to the biggest mating den for red garter snakes in the world. You can literally witness thousands of snakes coming together at the same time (which is simultaneously amazing and terrifying). 

I think part of the beauty of Manitoba though, might be that it is under-rated. You get to have these secret spots, and locations all to yourself. The lakes are insanely quiet, and the water’s edges left so perfectly in tact. 

I’m so grateful to call this beautiful province home each summer, because dang – it’s so special.

What do you think are some highly underrated travel destinations? I would love to hear where you think we should all adventure.

And if you’re in the central-northern Manitoba region… hit this Flin Flon photographer up. I would love to do another Bakers Narrows session!