June 27, 2022

LGBT Edmonton Photographer – Ideas for a Pride Session

Being known for capturing a lot of queer couples is one of my favourite accomplishments in this profession – because it’s just so important to me. LGBT Edmonton photographers and LGBT photographers nationwide are amongst my favourite people, as they fight to make sure queer people don’t have to search for representation but are instead integrated at every corner.

And this session is one that I think every queer couple should play with to celebrate pride.

All you need is a prism and flashlight. ✨✨

Plus a bit of patience, honestly. It’s all about finding the perfect angle, the right settings, and creating just enough ambient light in the room (but not too much). And then figuring out how on earth to balance the flashlight and prism if you don’t have an assistant (which I did not – if you see the hat I wear in my picture on my homepage it was balanced very precariously on that).

What other props should I try playing with when shooting? I’m thinking next up is pantyhose.