September 3, 2021

Edmonton Engagement: Fire, Beer, and the Stars

What is the one thing that I think you should ABSOLUTELY do for your couples and engagement photos? And something that is absolutely present in this Edmonton engagement session.

You should show PERSONALITY. A little or a lot, that is up to you, but in my opinion it makes photos all the more special.

Wedding photos can often be a little formulaic, and are largely about capturing how you look and feel on that particular day. Couples photos (or engagement photos) on the other hand… 

… can be about ANYTHINGGG. They can be about showing how goofy or adventurous or passionate you are. They can involve rolling in the mud or swimming in a lake. They can be about showing off your pets, your motorcycles, or your favourite restaurant. And each of these things can depict exactly who you and your partner are. 

And because of that? 

They can be SO DANG FUN. And so incredibly personal.

Take the beautiful India and Cody here. They love the outdoors, being silly, and adventuring to new places. Cody loves to fish in the river and a good beer. And because of all this? 

We ended up with the most gorgeous session with boots filled with water, two beers in hand, a riverside fire, a whole bunch of laughs, and complete country-vibes despite being smack in the middle of the city. And it was the best way for me to get to know these two before their big day… which is so important and shouldn’t be undervalued. The getting-to-know-you-part of an engagement session lets me know what you like, how best to get you two to interact, what poses or prompts work best for you. And will lead to all the better wedding photos when we get there.

So consider saving the prim and proper photos for your big day, and using engagement photos to have a little bit of wild and crazy fun like this Edmonton engagement session.